Wednesday, 31 October 2012

On All Hallows' Eve

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Even though my wife and I are not American, we have certainly got into the Halloween spirit this year. Being us, we did not want to do a run of the mill Halloween. We wanted it to be a bit art and crafty and we were inspired by taking Margie Rommney-aslett's, Spooky Spark 3 day workshop.

Margie talked about decorating your home and mantle with all sorts of small, spooky, fun filled projects, which I have to admit were great fun... The only problem was, we do not have a mantle so used the landing window instead.

The Nieces and Nephews get a little crafty treat this year, each one 'chock' full of treats 
(excuse the pun!)


They even get glow in the dark stickers, cookies, straws and a giant fluffy spider each!

I also managed to get my hands messy. Horrah! Using Mod Podge and an old book I decorated a paper mache skull from my local craft store

I have nick-named him Boni, from a character in a TV show I used to watch as a child, called Trapdoor. But, that is not all, the spider from that show also made an appearance this year       
I saw this giant paper spider and could not resist him

And I just couldn't resist picking up a Sharpee pen and drawing this Raven in my sketchbook.

I hope you all have a Spook-tacular Halloween. Be back soon! 



Miriam said...

Whatever you do tonight I hope you are happy. I simply love your raven! I appreciate your visits x

alexa said...

Your raven is superb! Have you ever considered making stamps? Hope they all enjoy your spookiness :).

Maria Ontiveros said...

Awesome skull!
Have you seen that you won a gelli printing plate at The Scrapbook Challenges? It's here:
I bet you'll have fun with it!

Andy said...
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