Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Whats new in my cabinet?

Hello everyone,

I have been working on my 'Cabinet of Curiosities' and here are some more of my recent images. I am really enjoying expanding on the story of evolution in my sketchbook. It makes me think straight away as to how it relates to my ever growing collection of objects and the time it takes to nurture it.

This is only a small selection of my objects!

Sharks teeth!

These are some of my bugs (insects) mixed media images:

The above two drawings started life as mono prints, then collage and a Sharpee pen added.

I could not resist painting this bug. Trying to get his colour just right was a bit of a headache but layering the colours works perfectly.

Please check the Sketchbook Challenge website out. It is very interesting to see everyone's take on the theme and the varying art materials used. Time for me to place my artwork on the Flicker page and join in the group activity. Look forward to seeing you there. Are you joining in?

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week.



dolores said...

You sir should illustrate books! Those bugs are amazing and I don't usually go for any kind of bug stuff!:)
Glad you are doing the SBC!

Anonymous said...

they are amazing!
and congratulations for winning the sketchbook challenge :)

Maria Ontiveros said...

I love both you actual collection and your drawings. I've always loved bug graphics.

Andy said...
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bohemiannie! art said...

Very wonderful collage pieces and the shine on your painted bug is just awesome.