Monday, 29 October 2012

The final week of the Bloom True E-course!

Hello everyone,

I am really saddened that the e-course has come to an end. Through it, I have met a amazing community in the Facebook group. I feel I have had an amazing journey and Flora has inspired and supported us to use our inner belief (self). She believes that there is an artist in everyone just waiting to come out. How quickly the five, intense weeks have gone by.

Due to illness, my painting had to take a back seat and I have only now caught up on the last week's lesson. That week was about adding the finishing touches and details to our canvases and to still challenge the areas that require more work. It is time for us to Bloom and trust the process as to when to stop!

Here is canvas 1: still needs something, but I am not sure what?

Here is canvas 2: I am really excited by this canvas. It is finished. Hoorah!

Title: On gossamer wings 

Also in week 5, we were asked how we have 'Bloomed' and whether the initial goals of what we wanted out of the course, came true? The answer is a definite yes, and more. Here is what I got out of the course (gems, Flora calls them):-

1) Overcoming the challenge of painting on a large canvas (which I have not done since my uni days).
2) Discovering my own personality (voice) in a canvas.
3) A new approach using abstract painting techniques.
4) Staying playful and being brave! (Being the student again, learning a new skill.)
5) Enjoyment in using my fingers and naturally enjoying the mark making and textures I can create. It makes me feel free within that moment of time.
6) This course has made me paint boldly and discover a colour palette which I wouldn't necessarily have chosen.

I would really like to say a big thank you to everyone who has supported me and left wonderful comments on my blog, and on the community Facebook link. I look forward to catching up with everyone's progress over this Half term.

I am still working on canvases 3 and 4 and will post about them as soon as I paint more layers and details. 

Wishing you a great, healthy and artistic week. 



Maria Ontiveros said...

I love that second canvas! It has so much to see. I almost feel like that dragonfly habitat is in outer space.
As for he first one, it looks alive to me. I could see adding a vertical row of black circles along the right hand side (and maybe on the left). It seems a little out of balance, maybe?
Thank you for sharing your creations with us! Can't wait to see your other two canvases.

alexa said...

It's been wonderful to see your canvases developing and how special to have finished one despite the illness! Your gossamer wings are lovely and there is so much movement and life in that background (though it's such a star player than 'background' does not do it justice). Also very inspiring to read what the course has brought out for you - and am looking forward to seeing the other two canvases. :)

Unitylove4Carol said...

As soon as I saw the gosserm canvas on FB,... I said to myself, I wonder if he is a zentangler..... then I can to your bolg and saw the first circle....