Friday, 12 October 2012

What's working in week 4?

Hi everyone,

I have survived another extremely busy week, just... Work always builds up before half-term. During last weekend, I found the time to paint and also celebrated another family birthday. 

This week's course lesson is about analysing what you think is working in your painting and what isn't and I have been spiraling in and out, having lots of coffee breaks, so I can view the work in a fresh sense. I feel I am going through another 'awkward' stage. Oh! that teenager self, but I am going to keep rotating my canvas and find what it's trying to tell me, be less critical of myself and remember to breathe!

Here is canvas 1:

Here is canvas 2:

Canvas three's journey is naturally progressing and growing into a finished piece. I just need to add some finishing touches, maybe one last layer, and then I will be able to share that with you.

One final piece of news is that I have started a fourth canvas, which I hope will be a pure abstract one, with an ethereal appearance. We will have to wait and see how it progresses. This will be a whole new challenge for me.

Introducing canvas 4:

How is your week going? I am hoping for a quieter weekend after school ends today and to post again soon. We are heading towards the end of Flora's course. I can't believe it!



Maria Ontiveros said...

It's interesting that all you canvases, while different, feel like part of a cohesive collection and have ultimately a similar color palette.

alexa said...

Oh my, these are coming on apace ... I especially like the first one for the sense of a multiplicity of layers and something emerging but it's not sure what it is yet. And admiring your energy as you find time for all of this as well as work!

Miriam said...

I just love canvas two and agree that the three canvases have the same colour palette which is so levelly.