Saturday, 29 September 2012

Time to add some imagery!

Hi everyone,

What a busy week since my last post. Today is the first opportunity I have to sit and record my thoughts on the next layers. 

As you know, I was adding black and white to my canvas last week. This week, on Tuesday, it was all about introducing warm colours and starting to sketch what imagery I was drawn too. I am in the process of 'sketching' in my journal and drawing straight on to the canvas (as seen in the detailed action shot below).  The lesson is just about outlining my inspiration and not to see it as a final outcome or positioning on the canvas. The inspiration for my canvases comes from a love of natural forms, especially trees and insects as you can see here. We are asked to keep an open mind and have fun as the canvases evolve.

Canvas 1:
In action!

Warm colour layer

Can you see the woods from the trees?

Canvas 2:
Warm colour layer

Can you see an awkward teenager? Or is it Yoda in disguise?

   Adding dragonflies and flowers

I have been buzzing with inspirational ideas, researching my nature books and eagerly awaiting the opportunity to put paint on my canvases. This week has been invigorating, and I think I have now passed the awkward teenager period we were told to look out for that I had with the tonal exercises last week.

Canvas 3, which will be blogged at its completion, is coming along well and has a totally different character to his brothers. Here is a sneaky peek!

I can really see the journey I have taken so far on all the artworks, and how they are progressing in their own, natural way.

I hope, this weekend, to catch up with my fellow bloggers and the class forum.

We are lucky to have some warm sunshine today. Enjoy your weekend everyone, Andy


alexa said...

I am really enjoying seeing your progress in this class, Andy, and painting number three is shaping up too most beautifully with those soft yet contrasting colours. You are making me wish I was doing this class all over again!

Maria Ontiveros said...

Oooh. That second canvas is really starting to speak to me now - love the dragonfly and flower.

Stephanie said...

I like seeing your progress! Imagery is next for me. I'm drawn to all things nature too. I was looking back through your blog and see that you took Alisa Burke's class. I have taken a couple of classes with her too. I love her work. Nice to meet you from Bloom True!

Miriam said...

I love canvas one again with its warm colours. I love to see your progress with this project and wish I had the courage to do it!