Saturday, 22 September 2012

Continuing my journey...

Hi everyone, 

Here is my third layer, this time using warm colours. I'm painting with fingers, a bristle brush, foam brushes, paint lids and bottle tops! I am really enjoying listening to my intuition and letting it speak to me!! I imagine my inner voice to be a little bit like Yoda, (my favourite character) only a little more messy.

Canvas 1:-

Here is a more detailed close up!
Canvas 2:

At last I feel I have caught up and want to keep up the momentum. I am going to attempt a third canvas at the weekend so I can rotate them whilst I am painting. 

I hope you are enjoying these layers and reading my blog posts? There is enormous pleasure in painting on such a large scale. Keep you posted.



alexa said...

Yes, I am really enjoying seeing how these grow with every layer. How big are your canvases? Using lots of different implements looks such fun!

Maria Ontiveros said...

What a nice way to start Sunday morning - I really enjoy seeing how these are developing.