Thursday, 20 September 2012

Cool Colours!

Hello everyone,

Time to add the second layer using cool tonal colours, blues and greens, to the canvases for Bloom True : the e-course. We have to try and create a layer of different textures any way we can. 

I love using lots of different tools, it makes such a change from just a paintbrush! 

Painting these canvases is becoming a release after a day at work, which at the moment is quite intense. It feels good not to have a finished outcome in mind for them as its all part of the adventure.

Canvas 1 : 

Canvas 2 :

I love the texture in this canvas, it almost looks like water

I am enjoying it so much, I am going to start a third canvas now so that I can keep up the momentum, as well as add a third layer to my already existing paintings. I will try and post my progress soon. 

And finally, I have thought a lot about which Inspirational quote to use for Alisa Burke's course. Below is my last hommage to Ode to nature. It is a quote by Terry Pratchett from Hogfather.

This course brought so much enjoyment and more...



Maria Ontiveros said...

I love the second canvas. I really couldn't get into the whole painting sticks and rocks/final craft lesson for Ode to Nature, but I'm still having so much fun gathering, photographing collections and sketching. So it's all good.

alexa said...

Really like your canvases, Andy - I did Flora's course earlier and am desperate to get back to painting as it was so wonderfully enjoyable. Hoping you really have a lot of fun with it too. That's a great quote too; and you are reminding me that I still haven't tried some of the final activities of Alisa's class. Will keep popping in to see how things are going for you!

Miriam said...

So good to see stage two! & I love the painted quote sticks.

Inge Verbeek said...

This is surprising! A totally different look.
I love the quote on the sticks. I'm still working on the lessons of Alisa's class and enjoying it so much. It's nice to see what creativity can do with us. Let's keep sharing and inspiring each other! :)