Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Lets' paint!

Hi everyone

Sorry I have not posted in a while, it has been a busy start to the term. So wish I had more time to blog and commit to my own artwork instead of the day job... Maybe one day!

I enjoyed Alisa Burke's 'Ode to nature' class very much. I have met so many wonderful artists and appreciate their input and comments on my work. I never expected to be welcomed into the class community as I have been. I feel I have made some new friends. 

As the class was ending, to my surprise, I was given an early birthday present (November, in case you are wondering!). I have been enrolled on Flora Bowley's  Bloom True : the e-course. I have always wanted to get back into large canvases and abstract painting. While I was at University was probably the last time I had the opportunity. This course is the perfect start on another journey.

Week One is all about using your intuition and getting over blank canvas nerves.

When I started painting, I was listening to Florence and the Machine. The technique I used was layering the colours and then a spray bottle to diffuse it. I really enjoyed the freedom of this layer and not knowing how the layers were going to intertwine.

Canvas One

This is a detailed version.

Canvas two was all about finger painting and moving to the motion of the background music whilst blindfolded. We were requested to use warm colours reds, oranges, yellows. I was listening to Mr Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra.

In the process...

This is the final outcome.

This was a very tactile experience and one I hadn't really thought of before; doing it blindfolded. It helped me to have the freedom to mark make and use my other senses.

I am really excited to see the beginnings of these paintings and eager to get a second layer on them using cool colours, and finding an inspirational quote for my next blog post!!

Can't wait to meet other students on the course and see what inspirational work they have achieved. Shall we catch up over an internet cup of coffee?



Maria Ontiveros said...

What a cool looking class. I've never done a large scale canvas. I find your comments about the class interesting - I actually found much less community than usual in online classes. I'm working on a review of the class to post sometime in the next week or so.

Miriam said...

Andy your finger painting is beautiful and is inspiring me to 'have a go' I will try in the morning as I have some time to myself this week.

Inge Verbeek said...

What a great birthday present, I love the way Flora paints and an e-course is on my wishing list, also her book. Her book isn't available here in Holland.
It is interesting to see how you are building up different layers on te canvases and also using your hands. The colors you used are beautiful, warm colors. I will follow the proces! Greetings, Inge :)