Monday, 17 June 2013

Making Art That Sell

Hello everybody

I have been very fortunate to find myself on the e-course 'Make Art that Sells' run by Lilla Rogers, who is an Art Agent Extraordinaire. 

Last week was week two and with the fantastic support of my wife, I have managed to find the time to complete two great assignments.

The course is about helping you to develop your work ready to use in a commercial market.

The first assignment was to develop a vintage kitchen style fabric

I used my own photographs and drawings to help influence the final outcome.

I have not drawn like this for a long time so it was a great exercise.

Assignment Two was to design a set of plates. This was a bit more difficult, but here is the final result.

I would love to know what you think? 

Time for me to start Rinda's 2013 scavenger hunt and the third class assignment commences this week. All I know is that it is book illustration; can't wait!

Busy times ahead at school also as the end of term exams and ofsted (again) are looming.

Take care and I promise to be back soon with a glimpse of this week's assignment about which I am very excited. Can you tell? 



Stephanie said...

Fantastic assignment pieces, Andy! I've been hearing great things about that course.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Hi Andy,
I love the fabrics - especially the first one! As for the plate, I would be tempted to eliminate the background layer with the shadow of the plant. I think the other elements would pop more. But, I stand in admiration because I wouldn't have a bloody clue about how to do any of these.
Have fun with the photo prompts and good luck with the end of the term madness..

alexa said...

How wonderful to hear your excitement and see the results! I love your plate in particular ... That sounds like a great course and lovely to be well supported by your family. loooking forward to more!

Miriam said...

I love both fabric patterns and your drawings are wonderful. I'll leave a comment about the plate to Rinda, So funny!

it can't be too long until your summer break?