Sunday, 2 June 2013

Creative half term

Hi everyone

Once again, I have not been on my blog for quite some time. Apologies! Exam season has started and this means lots of nervous students and extra paperwork for me, so I was glad of the opportunity to be creative this past half-term week.

First of all, I had a mammoth baking session. The evidence can be seen below and in the delight on my family and friends faces.

Malt loaf and a White Bloomer


and then, home made Croissants - A major job to make, but well worth it.

Secondly, I also had the time to play around with the Gelli plate which I won through the Sketchbook challenge.

I loved using it but feel that I would benefit by having it more accessible to be able to learn more about it. I shall have to find some free working space but what with the baking, and two creatives in the house, that is going to be difficult! I used ink sprays and acrylics mainly but I could not resist an insect or two.

The insect is a mono print painting. There is a video on the GelliArt website (June 28 2012) on how to use it that I found very helpful.

This was an experiment to see if I could add drawing to the prints... I love the colour combinations.

And finally, I have to share these photographs with you. The first shows a visitor to our garden yesterday. This little damselfly is one of my favourites. I think the shape and the delicateness is what appeals most.

The second is a Mural spotted in Chichester when we visited family there. Having known the area for a very long time, it was great to see new large scale paintings and sculptures everywhere. This was our favourite.

Lastly, if you have not seen it yet, Rinda has announced details of this year's scavenger hunt on her blog. I missed the hunt last year but read all about it. It sounds like a great amount of fun, so I have a feeling I will be posting a lot more often in the next few weeks as I participate. If you take part, good luck!

Back to work again tomorrow, but hoping to post again soon.



Miriam said...

How lovely to see you. Your baking looks fabulous.
I found a couple of good You Tube articles about Gelli plate printing. I'll find them and e-mail you or put another comment on here. I really love those large scale paintings!

Miriam said...

I thought these were fun, lots of ideas anyway

Maria Ontiveros said...

Hi Andy,
Always happy to see you pop up in my reader, and so glad you'll be participating in the scavenger hunt. It really is a lot of fun - get the whole family involved and keep your eyes open.
Love your drawing and painting, as always.

alexa said...

Phew, glad to see you - was hoping nothing untoward had happened to you! Croissants, eh? Now there's ambition! Not to mention success, of course - they look scummy. Lovely to see your gelli plate print - I have no idea abut this, I have only just got myself the Paper 52 app and a pen for the iPad following your last post - slow down, I can't keep up! Hoping you'll have a quieter term with the exam classes away and can do more creative things. See you at Rinda's then?