Sunday, 16 March 2014

New month - new art journal

Hi everyone,

It has been quiet on the blog front but I have been busy. As Spring is starting to bloom and the evenings are becoming lighter, I have started a new art journal and painted several new canvases this month.

R and I also decided to start an Instagram account called #andyandrachael where we try to post daily photographs of projects and things that inspire us. Please feel free to check it out if you are interested. We would love to see you there...

Here are a few photographs of the journal so far:

As you all know, nature is a big source of inspiration of mine and this has crept inside the journal

I was really inspired when I revisited the paintings I created on Flora Bowley's ecourse Bloom True last year and this double page spread reflects that inspiration.


This source of inspiration continued further last weekend when I added to some new canvases  It felt brilliant to be working on canvas again and to watch how they are developing (as well as getting messy!). Lucky for me, my wife is very supportive when I am in the painting zone!!! 

Hope that Spring is inspiring you too.



Opal Kim said...

what beautiful photos! i started following you on instagram. :)

Ambika @asunnyellowindow said...

You're super talented Andy, and these journal pages are a treat to savour. A nature lover myself, I am thrilled to see live natural beauty in the form of feathers, shells, dry leaves etc. in your pages!

Following you on IG and I sure dig your work.

And soo tempted to take Flora Bowley's course, she works a charm on canvas!

Thanks for linking up, and see you around. Btw this week's prompt is Portraits do peep in

Anonymous said...

Lovely work Andy! My favourite would be the first picture and the quill art. I am inspired with your art journal... I must dig out my colours and start sketching+ colouring! Haven't done that in a while. Thanks for visiting my blog!

Miriam said...

Hi Andy, Such a beautiful tactile journal your paintings are amazing. I love the bugs!

Maria Soto said...

Wow, that is the first word I heard in my head when I started to read and look at your projects. Beautiful and very inspiring.

Diane Pickering said...

Andy, great, exciting, imaginative art work. Love your inspiring blog.