Thursday, 8 August 2013

Scavenger Hunt

Hello everyone

Firstly, can I say Happy Anniversary to my wife. We were married Four years ago today and here's to many more years together.

Horray! It is the summer holiday and the paperwork is all complete, apart from one project. A sketchbook journal book. I am happy to now be spending my time drawing and painting. It's a fun project.

For this post, I would like to focus on Rinda's 2013 Scavenger Hunt. I have made a start with the list and I am looking at the items as themes and would like to share the first set with you. (Mind you, as I am writing this and looking through the photographs, I have this song stuck in my head.)

My theme today: The Sky's the limit!

For Number 4 on the Scavenger list, we were lucky enough to have the Manston Airshow very close to our house. We had everything from Lancaster bombers to the Red Arrows fly over but it was very hard to get a good photograph. It was a really cloudy day.

Number 5 is a Sunset; again a local view over farm land. 

And finally, Number 12 on the list - a cloud. I would love to know what you see in this photograph? I find it fascinating to know what other people think,
because what I can see is ...

A tortoise - One of my favourite reptiles.

There you have it. Three items blogged, only 19 more to go!
I hope to post again soon and will include the outcome to my Making Art that Sells course. In the meantime, I am off to catch up around blogland to see what everybody else is up to.

Have a great day. We are going out to dinner this evening. Who knows, there may be an opportunity to cross another photograph off the list.



alexa said...

Many congratulations to you both and hope you have a lovely day! Great to see ou joining in and I love your sunset one - though drawing on your photo to show us the tortoise is very skilful!

Maria Ontiveros said...

Welcome back! I'm grading exams this week and then will have a week off before classes start. Luckily, I have a light schedule this fall.
Love how you're grouping your photos for the hunt.I saw a dragon (with a puff of smoke coming out of her snout) in your cloud!

Miriam said...

Hi Andy, how lovely to see you pop up in my reader today. Love your sunset and the plane, I like the dark shape in the sky. Happy anniversary to you both, were you celebrating when you saw that cloud?
Have you seen mine? ;)