Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Scavenger Hunt C

Hi everyone

It has been a busy week with lots of toing and froing. I am glad of a few days at home and have been working on another post for Rinda's 2013 Scavenger Hunt. I have tried something new with layouts. What do you think? I found the layout on designed by Brooke Gazarek. It's a great site to visit.

Today's theme: Out and About

As you know, if you are a regular reader of this blog, we visited family in West Sussex over the summer holiday. While we were there, we had a few outings, including one to Russell's Garden Centre, which is a favourite of ours.
And GunWharf Quays in Portsmouth where we saw a ship shaped bench that has a wonderful history. 

These candles were spotted in John Lewis, which is new homeware store in Chichester and where we love to window shop. Wish there was a store near us in Kent (John Lewis take note!). 

While travelling through Chichester, we saw something rather unexpected on the top of Beaver Tool Hire. They always do something unusual, like a Darth Vader for the Starwars 25th Anniversary, or Santa stuck in a chimney for Christmas. I tried my best to get a photograph through the car window, but what you don't see is the baby jumping up and down in the pram. You can just see it's tiny hand in the top right picture. I love the wheel-barrow display too. 

We have also spent some days exploring our local area, visiting several beaches and other wildlife attractions that are to be found around the Thanet and Dover district in Kent. 

As we don't have a pet and the wildlife around us always seems to be awake, 
I was wondering what I could photograph for my napping subject.  This father and son were captured fast asleep while we were taking a walk along Deal's coastline. 

The next set of photographs were taken at Wingham Wildlife Park, which is not far from where we live. We are lucky to have a few animal parks around us, which I love to visit, that have animals of all sizes. This love stems from childhood visits and watching and observing nature. I hope to go back again but remember my sketchbook next time!

And lastly, the photographs below are of the Fire Engines' Warehouse, which is connected to Manston Airport, which is not far from where we live. I added on the children's ride as I couldn't resist the temptation to have a go on it myself. My wife says that I am a big kid at heart, which she loves about me at times and makes her laugh!

Hope you have enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed scavenging and hunting over the last month. I can't wait to post again soon. I have some towers and castles to show you spotted at a recent wedding reception. 

Until the next time, have a good week. 



alexa said...

That is a really interesting set of photos - I do love that pram one! Very nicely spotted and your little vehicles made me smile too!

glitterandglue said...

A great fun set of photos - well done. You clearly have a quirky sense of humour - it's great!
Margaret (glitterandglue)

~*~Patty S said...

You have some great photos there and a nice way of arranging them as well.
My husband and I had a wonderful vacation in June in the UK and Ireland. We did not want to come home :) Having the scavenger list with us added another layer of fun too!

JulieJ said...

Ah - now there's a good idea to display multiple photos and avoid the pain of picking just one for each prompt!
I've enjoyed my first visit to your blog.

Lesley G said...

Great photos :)
This is a first for me - I've never commented on a "male" blog before :)

Bernice Hopper said...

Love your collection

Maria Ontiveros said...

Welcome to the link up Andy! I"m so glad you're having fun with the scavenger hunt. I really like the stack of wheel barrows! And the fences are quite nice, too.
Looking forward to your towering post.

BJ said...

Great sets of photos, love how you display them in a collage - how do you do that. Not so keen on the word verification thingy, hope I can do it today else you won't be getting this. Second attempt....BJ

Karen said...

It's a great collection, but I'm even more impressed with your sketchbook on a previous post!!!

Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

Hi Andy ~ Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Your scavenger hunt photos are really fun, and I love the collage format you chose for them! Well done!

Becky said...

Hi Andy, thanks for visiting my blog :) I love your photos, especially the boat bench and also your fire engines. Glad you had to have a ride - sort of thing my husband would do!

Melissa said...

Great photos for the hunt! I especially like the wheelbarrow display and the ship bench!

Missus Wookie said...

I like the ship bench - fun montages too. Always have trouble choosing just one too.

Miriam said...

Hello Andy, Catching up with you today. I love your collages of your finds for the scavenger hunt. I'm glad I'm not the only one who took pictures of John Lewis's candles!

Rosalinda Hone said...

These are all great shots! I like your photo layouts, Andy. I also like how you took pictures from different angles. You made the task a bit unique from the usual photo scavenger hunt. Others normally just show off their photo collection, but in your case, you put in the effort for some development. Great job!

Rosalinda Hone @ Riddle Me