Sunday, 20 January 2013

A Spicy New Year

Hi everyone

I have finally managed to write up my first blog of the New Year. Thank you for coming to visit.

Even though I have not posted since November - time certainly does fly! - I have not been idle. With my job busier than ever, the festive season and ill health all playing a part, I did manage to squeeze in some time for Art.

Before Christmas, as part of a project at school, I was teaching the students how to create a wood cut print, using MDF and lino cutting tools. There were 27 sixteen year olds, chipping away to create their masterpieces. I had an ulterior motive for my piece as I wanted to give it to my wife's sister and her husband for a Christmas present.

The MDF 'plate' showing only two of the chillis. 

After printing them with the students a few times (as shown below) I decided that the print needed another chilli so that the image looked more even (see the final piece below).

These are printed using water based printing ink and a variety of paper.

After work, I decided to experiment. The final image was printed on old map paper (of the area where they now live) and after printing, Gauche paint was added to give depth and tone. The final image we had framed with a burgundy border and black frame but unfortunately, I did not photograph it before presenting it to them.

Final piece

I have been reliably informed that my wife's sister and her husband love it and it now sits on their mantlepiece ready to be hung when they move into their new home. They have suggested that I could sell similar work as original art or prints. What do you think? 

I am now playing around with different designs and colours, and would appreciate your input.

From my sketch book

But that is not all; I have started a new painting, 150cm by 100cm. This painting started to talk to me about a rather neglected passion of mine... Jellyfish.

This painting is a long way off being finished. I have been looking at lots of reference material and came up with a new fact that I did not know: " If all the creatures in the world that communicate using light (like deep sea fish) were placed together, they would outnumber those who did not, three times over".

With any luck I will be able to attempt some more painting tomorrow at home. That is, if hopefully, we are snowed in!

Until the next time.



Miriam said...

Yes of course you could sell them, your work is wonderful. I love the three chillies, they look perfect together. I am glad that you are well and posting again. Happy New year to you & yours Andy.

Miriam said...

...forgot to say how beautiful the snow picture is!

Maria Ontiveros said...

Welcome back! Always great to see you in blogland. I really like the page with all the chilis.
And the jelly fish are very cool.

alexa said...

Yes, I am sure your work would sell very well :). My favourite of all your chilli paintings/prints was the white on the burnt orange background ...