Monday, 30 September 2013

At the dawn of Blooming True... Again!

Hi everyone,

After a fantastic summer holiday taking part in Rinda's Scavenger Hunt and working on a few canvases, I thought I would post their progress. The 'Man Cave' is a flurry of colour and I am trying to get them finished before I get stuck into the new Bloom True course, that starts today. I am so excited to be given this once again as an early birthday pressie. Thank you to you know who. I feel I am ready to take a further leap into painting larger and being more expressive and developing my take on a love of nature. 

There are a few large canvases to complete and they are coming on nicely. I have a few ideas on what will happen on their next layers. 

I have started some small ones too which I have covered with several coloured washes that need completing.

There's a Purple one...

A spotty one...

And a splattered one...

The most exciting thing is the development of some larger images. I have used loads of new colours that I would not normally use. It was with some trepidation I tried them out, but I love them now. The first canvas incorporates the 'leaf' shapes that I had used in the small sketchbook I found in a storage box. I posted some of the pages here and in 2012, here.

There are still some details to be added but they are all taking on their own character and journey. I am definitely feeling the saying of Flora Bowley when she says "Be brave and be bold".  

The second has developed into a sunflower... very jolly! If you would like to see how it started please click here. This and the octopus have turned out better than I ever imagined when I began them this time last year.

And lastly, I thought I would include a picture of the 'Man Cave'. It is great to have my own space but winter is drawing in and there is no heating in there. I will see how long I last - I have been promised a fan heater! 


Hope you have enjoyed this colourful post? I feel one step closer to achieving an exhibition of my work and maybe selling one would be a dream come true! 

Hope you are all having a good week. 



Stephanie said...

These are all beautiful! I can't wait to see what your paintings look like from the new Bloom True. Flora's style has evolved so much since the last course. Unfortunately, I'm unable to take this go around.

Maria Ontiveros said...

HI Andy!
It's great to see you blogging so regularly. Thanks for your good wishes and recent visits to my blog.
I love the sunflower. It has a bit of a deconstructed look to it, I think, which is really intriguing.
Now that my son is off to University, I'm hoping to snag a piece of his room to use as an art studio. The room also has to serve as a guest room and office, but still it will be nice to have some dedicated space.

Miriam said...

Oh these are lovely Andy, loving your man cave too. You should be able to last a few more weeks! I like to see you blogging too, I love that you show the stages in your work.

Julia Glukhoy said...

I love these Andy! Kudos for following through with your passion of paining! Love them! Especially the octopus!